Pago Pago Restaurant has been operating in the city of Eilat since 1986 and has managed to establish its status in the city as a leading culinary institution.
The restaurant's menu includes creative starters, seafood, fish and quality pasta dishes alongside fine meat dishes.

During 2020, following the COVID 19 crisis and the closure of airports, the restaurant was forced to close its sushi kitchen despite its success and establishing its status as one of the best sushi bars in Israel(!!!).

As a fresh addition to the restaurant's menu, in summer 2020 we added a rich and creative menu of breakfest, including healthy dishes alongside some fine corrupted sandwiches and fine burgers. The restaurant's kitchen is led by a young and talented chef who combines the best of our famous dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine with fresh and creative touches from the French and Italian cuisine.

Over the years, the Pago Pago restaurant has hosted hundreds of thousands of diners, including: presidents, prime ministers, ministers and celebrities from Israel and abroad, along with a regular and returning audience of Israelis and residents of Eilat.

For 25 years, the Pago Pago restaurant operated as a floating restaurant built on an old Israeli navy ship – 'Dovra' steel deck anchored next to the north bank in the marina in Eilat near the King Solomon Hotel.

In early 2010, the restaurant closed due to a fire that broke out in the restaurant's kitchen and consumed the floating structure. In 02/2011, the restaurant's doors were reopened inside a uniquely designed building, surrounded on three sides by water and which was built exactly where the restaurant docked in the waters of the marina.

The new restaurants' design is characterized by clean lines that give a classic and solid look to the restaurant space while an original combination of wood, concrete, iron and glazing details. The precise and spectacular interior lighting paints the restaurant space in a soft and pleasant light. Through the panoramic windows that surround the restaurant space, the yachts moored nearby and reflected by the Red Sea. In the evening, the hotel lights spread around the anchorage and give the guests in the restaurant a unique look and a feeling of freedom and peace.

In the center of the restaurant stands a spectacular rectangular bar made of blackened oak and decorated with natural oak bars combined with silver metal. Around the bar you can sit and enjoy the full range of our rich menu and a huge selection of natural drinks, alcohol and wine.

Pago Pago – Sit on the water and feel the sky…

HaMayim St. 99, Marina, Eilat | 08-6376660

Openning hours
Sun: 12:30pm – 23:00 pm
Mon: Closed
Tue-Sat: 12:30pm – 23:00 pm