Morning menu

Shakshuka with Feta cheese // 54
Three fried eggs cooked with dry tomatoes & sweet peppers. Served with Tahini, eggplants spread & spicy side salsa

Green Shakshuka // 58
Three fried eggs cooked with broccoli, spinach, sun tomatoes, peppers, cheddar cheese & green peas

Eggspago // 58
Two Poached eggs & lamb pancetta served with Brioche toasts, hollandaise sauce, black Tobiko & salad


Shrimp Bruschetta // 58 
Sauteed shrimp with lemon butter ,asparagus, green onion, garlic & tomatoes. Served on a brioche toast 

Sabich // 48
fried eggplants, boiled egg, potatoes & fried tomatoes served in hot pan with Tehina & Amba (mango chatney)

Pancake // 40
pancakes with fresh fruits, served with natural maple syrup or grape confiture

Home Made Mosley (Granola) // 42
whole grain oats flakes, nuts, almonds, seeds, dates honey & fresh fruits served with yogurt or milk



Homemade Bread // 22

Soup of The Day // 48

Pago Pago Salad // 38
lettuce, arugula, sweet peppers, onion red, cabbage & cherry tomatoes served with vinaigrette sauce 

Panzanella Salad // 56
cherry tomatoes, croutons, celery, green olives, basil & spinach leaves, served with Buffalo Mozzarella cheese

Ripped Wild Smoked Chicken Salad // 58
with lettuce, cucumber, radish, mint, ginger ,coriander, parsley & pears

White Fish Ceviche in Yogurt // 62
sliced sea fish served with goat yogurt kalamata olives, reddish, green onion & olive oil


Fried Calamari // 68
fried calamari coated with tempura & Panco served with radish aioli  

Purple Squids // 64
fried baby squids on the grill served with grilled onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes, green onion & eggplant cream on a bed of green Tahini

Shrimp Bruschetta // 58 
sauteed shrimp with lemon butter,asparagus, green onion, garlic & tomatoes .Served on a brioche toast 

Brazeula // 58
thinly sliced pickled sirloin beef served with truffle oil ,parmesan cheese, green leaves,  toasts & Bone Marrow

Gnocchi // 68
home made gnocchi (chicken stock) with spinach leaves, pine nuts, butter, sage & parmesan cheese  


Asparagus & Chestnuts Gnocchi // 68
homemade with chicken stock, butter, garlic, mushrooms & parmesan cheese 

Pasta Tripoline Primavera // 76
cherry tomatoes, artichoke, zucchini, garlic, sweet peppers & cream

Fettuccine pasta Forest // 76
shrimp & Calamari with mushrooms, garlic, gorgonzola, cheese, butter & parmesan 

Seafood Fettuccine Pasta // 92
shrimp & Calamari with cream, tomatoes & basil leaves

Fettuccine Pasta with Beef Filet // 96
beef filet stripes, grilled onion, grilled tomatoes served with pepper cream sauce

Risotto Fungi // 84
served with selection of mushrooms, asparagus & parmesan cheese


Chill Out Shrimp & Calamari // 96
sauteed in coconut cream with chili paste, spinach & basil leaves served with risotto sticks

Marseille Shrimp & Calamari // 96
served in white wine, butter& garlic sauce with homemade gnocchi


Shrimp on The Planca // 112
Whole shrimp (not peeled) grilled on the planca ,served in garlic ,butter & wine sauce


Corvine Fish Filet // 118
served with zucchini antipasti on a bed of eggplant cream 

Striped Bass (Lavarack) // 119
fish filet served in lemon butter sauce with grilled vegetables

Fresh Salmon Filet // 102
served with bacchoy leaves on a bed of sun dried tomatoes & white wine cream 

Grilled Fillet of Sea Bream // 84/120
fish (1/2 fish or whole) served on a bed of green risotto  


Schnitzel of wild chicken // 68
served with sweet potatoes Puree & green salad  

Grilled Half Wild Smoked Chicken // 86
served with sweet potatoes Puree & green salad 

Beef Fillet // 138
220 gr grilled beef fillet in pepper cream sauce served with potatoes puree or fries

Beef Sirloin Cuts // 128
in port wine & figs sauce served on a bed of fresh butter polenta 


Chef Hamburger // 64
250 gr entrecote meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onion & cornish, aioli served with brioche bread  

Genesis Hamburger // 80
250 gr entrecote meat, red cowpea, lettuce, tomatoes & onion coated with cheddar cheese served with black bread 
:Optional Supplements  
cheddar cheese – 9, gorgonzola cheese – 10, lamb pancetta – 12, french fries – 14


Sweet Treats

Turkish Kadaif // 58
angel air noodles dessert served with yogurt 

Creme Broulee // 32
vanilla cream with Ameren cherries 

Tiramisu // 22
homemade classic Italian cake with mascarpone & espresso 

Homemade Sorbet // 28
served in 2 flavors with topping 

Poppy Seed Ice Cream // 38
served with phyllo dough, sugared almonds & dolce de letche

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